Saturday, December 14, 2013

Glam Feather Holiday Wreath

      The last time I made a holiday wreath for my door, it was this one. My style has changed a *lot* since then, and it was really time for an update. I made this paper Christmas wreath, but it wasn't suited for my front door, it was a little too fragile. I love Christmas, but I decided that you could definitely leave this wreath up past Christmas, even up to Valentine's Day if you wanted to, so "holiday" wreath was an appropriate term. However, if you prefer, you can definitely call it a Christmas wreath!

     This is one Christmas wreath that is fast, fun and cheap! You can get started after a quick trip to the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby.
You will need:
-5 red feather boas from the toy section at the Dollar Tree. They may not look like much, but once you shove them on the wreath form, they will look much more expensive!
-floral pins
-a wreath form, I used an 9.5 inch extruded foam one, but those are kind of pricey (about $4 at Hobby Lobby), you could definitely use a cheaper foam one, or even a straw one. The fluffy feathers cover a multitude of flaws!
-embellishments, if you want. It looks just as good plain! I used a snowflake ornament from Walmart that was $0.98. I have three in the photo, but I only ended up using one. I also ended up adding some ribbon.
- a lint roller. This is not a joke-you will get "fluff" everywhere, and this will make clean up much easier!

Total cost: around $10

  To get started, find the end of one of your boas. All the ones I bought had yarn loops at the end, so it made it really easy to pin it into the wreath form. I made sure to keep all my pins on one side so that it had a "back".

Push the pin securely through the yarn and into the form.

Start looping the boa securely around the wreath. Don't pull too tight-you don't want to damage your feathers and pull it apart. Push each loop together to cover the form completely. Once you reach the end, secure that yarn loop and start another boa next to it.

In less than 10 minutes you will have a fabulously feathery glam Christmas wreath! You can stop here, or you can embellish it.

I removed the hanging loop from my ornament, and then I secured it with three floral pins-make sure you are pushing these into the wreath form, and not just the feathers! If you look closely at the photo, you can see the pins. I then attached a simple bow to the top.

This is the part where you will want the lint roller. See all the feather bits? Once it is clean, you can enjoy your lovely "Glam Feather Holiday (or Christmas) Wreath!

Isn't it delightful? It is definitely the easiest wreath I have ever made, and it is definitely my favorite Christmas one! I may leave it up until summer...

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  1. You know I 'do' country, so while this isn't my style, I find it positively dreamy :) It's so fluffy, and you KNOW I luuuuurve fluffy things! Amazing how simple it was, and it turned out so darling!

  2. If this were in a pastel it would be amazing for Easter too :)

    1. I agree! In pink or yellow-for a chick! I may have to see what I can find. The older I get, the more I like a little "bling" and "glam"-in small doses.;)

  3. great job on your wreath love how it turned out

    1. Thank you! I am really happy with it, especially considering it only took a few minutes!:)



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