Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The (Wedding) Post You've All Been Waiting For...

 I received official permission to post wedding photos, but after seeing this posts you will probably all be asking what you were waiting for. I have never claimed to be any kind of decent photographer, and being *in* the wedding party made photos so difficult! It will really take a while before I get over that I missed so many great shots, but I really wanted to be present-not trying to do anything but help my sister have a wonderful day. I think if I had been trying to take all the photos I wanted I would have missed out on so many other special memories! Unfortunately, you can't see those, so I will share what I took with you-no complaints, though, okay?

I took several photos of the bride getting ready, my sister Robyn did Katy's hair and makeup. It was a sweet memory from my own wedding-she did my hair and makeup, too. I wonder if she will be game to do it two more times?;)

 We went to a beautiful park to take photos of the bridal party. It was my first experience with a "first look"- where the bride and groom see each other and take most of their photos before the wedding instead of after. There was lots of down time for the bridal party, since most of the photos were of the bride and groom, naturally. Lisa Dawn, Kelly and I took advantage of that time to goof around and take some of our own photos!

 The props were ones that I had purchased at Walmart for $0.50 and they turned out to be worth their weight in gold! The "real" wedding photographer brought them along for the shoot and we played with them on our own.
 The bridesmaids' dresses were 2 each of three different dresses-all in red. We arranged it so that the sisters each had a different dress.

 It was a lovely place to take photos, I was trying to work quickly with my phone, so the lighting isn't the best!
I had the privilege of driving the bride-in my dad's expensive car! It was doubly nerve-wracking. You can bet there was plenty of praying going on!

 The flower girls didn't get to come to the park shoot, so we snapped a few quick pictures right before the ceremony. They are clutching their "thank-you" gifts from Aunt Katy!
 I really wanted a photo of Katy with Gwendalyn. I have one of me with Gillyan-who was only a little younger at my wedding, and it is one of my favorites. Aren't they just too photogenic?
 Really, the only decent photo I got of myself all day. The adorable pinwheel earrings were a sweet gift from one of the bridesmaids. She handmade matching earrings and bracelets for all six of us!
 Joel took the photos during the ceremony, because of course, I couldn't! Josie walked in with my youngest brother, Mark. She wasn't her usual chipper self-we found out later that she was running a fever!
 Gillyan walked with her brother, Gideyon. Aren't the boys' suspenders and bow ties the cutest?
 The entire bridal party! I cried far more watching my little sister walk down the aisle then I did at my own wedding!
 My aunt whipped up the adorable pennant bunting the night before and it was a perfect touch for the space. The ceremony was sweet-it had a lot of special touches. One of my favorites was that all the attendants walked down to  a beautiful instrumental version of "Pure Imagination" from the original "Willy Wonka". It is one of our family's favorite movies and it was a sweet personal touch.
 My sister and I! We were the Dynamic Duo-and I think we pulled it off pretty well! I did the decorations for the most part, and she did pretty much everything else.;)

 My Carson and his Dad! Joel was amazing as always, and did a ton of little things for me, including making sure both our kids were dressed an at the church on time!
 The bride stopped by the candy table! I was bummed because her favorite, the gummy sharks, were all gone! But she did enjoy a piece of Laffy Taffy!
 My sister, Robyn, pretty much prayed Katy into existence. That is a really special bond, if you ask me. It was great that we all got to celebrate together.
The bride, just chillin'. It was so wonderful that she enjoyed her special day so much. It was nice that all that work made for a memorable day!

 The two "besties"-Lisa Dawn and Katy have been friends forever! They were showing off their amazing fashion sense in their over sized sunglasses, or"facial windshields" as we call them!
 I don't think I have ever seen two happier people! This is a great shot of the cute blue flats Katy wore, too. They were just the cutest couple and it was a great celebration of their love.
Off to the honeymoon-car decor courtesy of Joel, my brother Clark and some of the groomsmen! I have one more post, of the few photos of the reception decor, and then the wedding post extravaganza will end at last!


  1. It really was an adorable wedding. Very trendy, yet vintage at the same time. I loved it! John, the photographer was so gifted and he also took some of the most amazing shots. You and Robyn are crazy-talented and everything was exquisite! Excited I was able to contribute to, and enjoy Kate's incredible day!!!

  2. You are such a good sister & party planner! Glad Katy's wedding was so wonderful - you did great with your phone pics!!!!

  3. I can't believe Katy is old enough to get married..... I still remember her as a little girl. :/ What a gorgeous bride though! Looked like fun!!

    ~ Jen



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