Monday, January 28, 2013

The Book Basket

My kids love going to the library. I, on the other hand, don't. It isn't that I don't love books, but the library that is closest to us is teeny tiny and my kids are often more interested in playing on the computers than actually reading. I also realized the other day that we have quite a few quality children's books that are sitting on the shelves *in our house* that my kids have never read.

So, while cleaning out their bookshelf, I decided that I would "promote" our own books. I found an abandoned basket and filled it with what I decided would be the theme for February: of course, love!
I didn't necessarily just chose "Valentine's" books- "The Kissing Hand", "Guess How Much I Love You", and some of the others are simply about love between parents and children. We have read some of these books and some we haven't, but my hope is that we will have found a few new favorites in there by the end of February.

My plan is to change the selection at least monthly, and it won't always be holiday related (I don't have ANY St. Patrick's books!) but I am pretty sure that I can find enough variety to follow a theme each time. I think even if I only find 5 or 6 books that are on the same topic that will be enough.

I put the basket in the living room, too. Since we don't normally keep leisure books in there, I think that will help pique their interest. I figure we can pull out one or two every day, and enjoy our very own wonderful books!

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