Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mixed Up Snowman Snack

Today was "Pajama Party" for the kids at Bible study. They were asked to bring a snack to share, and I really liked this recipe on Pinterest from "Gourmet Mom on the Go". It was for a trail mix that was supposed to mimic the pieces of a snowman. However, her recipe called for orange sprinkles for the noses- maybe she bought hers after Halloween, but I couldn't find those. Then it also called for mini marshmallows. I wanted the kids to actually be able to assemble a snowman, which wasn't really possible with tiny marshmallows. And, finally, I didn't really love her poem. So I "Clare-ified" it. (You like that?!)
Here's what I came up with:
For each snack you will need:
1/2 tbsp. of mini chocolate chips

3 regular marshmallows
3 Junior mints
5 "Mike and Ike" candies
1/3 of a Fruit Roll-up (approximately) cut into 3 pieces-this makes the "scarf"
a scant handful of pretzel sticks

Throw all that into a bag, and then add the poem. I printed mine onto Avery shipping labels, the 2x4 inch size (48863) is perfect for this kind of thing.I know you are entertained to read my attempt at poetry so here you go:

Mixed Up Snowman Snack

 Start with marshmallow snow balls, add a funky mint hat,
some chocolate chip eyes, are you ready for that?  
Put on a cozy scarf-made of rolled fruit!
Add a jelly bean nose, won’t that be cute?
Finish up with arms of pretzel stick,
 and he’ll be ready to fill your tummy right quick!
Basically, I don't think I am a better poet, but by the time I made my changes, her poem didn't fit. I realized she did a pretty good job with her's, because it is hard to make some of that stuff rhyme!
Honestly, I wanted to use donut holes instead of the marshmallows, but I realized after I put it together, that probably wouldn't have worked as well. However, if you don't plan on putting them together, those would be yummier, in my own opinion! It is really easy to put these together, you don't need any extra components!
It is really easy to put these together, you don't need any extra components! Start by pushing the three marshmallows onto a pretzel stick. Then tie the "scarf"  between the top two marshmallows (you may have to separate them a little). Shove a pretzel in each side of the middle marshmallows. Stick two mini chips pointy side in, and use your finger or a toothpick to dig a little hole for the nose.
He should stand up on his own, and then simply set the Junior mint "beret" on top!
Ta-da! Your snowman is no longer mixed up! Then if the kids don't want to eat him up, there are plenty of extra pieces to munch on. It was a big hit at class today. And I loved that it isn't messy at all-no frosting or anything is needed to hold it together and it is 100% edible. So enjoy a tasty snowman, mixed up or not!

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  1. We made these snowmen at Awana and the kids thought they were so much fun. Well, they actually thought they were delicious :)



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