Thursday, June 21, 2012

Denver "Fake-end"

I know you are all curious as to what I have been up to! Well, last week I was recovering from VBS overload, so I didn't do much- other than laundry!

 Sunday was Father's Day, so we spoiled Joel, and then Monday my grandparents stopped by for the night on their way to Missouri.

Joel has this week of off school (although unfortunately, not work!) so we decided to run up to Denver on the only two days he will have off together all summer!

I decided that it wasn't really a "stay-cation", because we stayed in a hotel. It was more like a weekend, in the middle of the week. So, I dubbed it a fake weekend, or a "fake-end"- you like?

We had a wonderful, relaxing time. Joel used part of his Father's Day gift, a gift card to "The Art of Shaving" and he got a professional straight razor shave. He loved it. Kind of like a pedicure for guys.

I shopped. And shopped. And shopped some more! I bought this delicious yellow cardigan. And paid full price! But it was from Forever 21 so it was a whopping $13. I have big plans for this little sweater.

How, I ask you, can you not love a store where the jewelry starts at $1.50?!! I could not resist picking up a couple more pieces to add to my collection. You can hardly buy a soda for that price, and trust me, I get a lot more compliments on my necklaces than my beverage choices.

We also spent some quality time at Ikea. I know that sounds like a funny statement, but when there is free childcare, we consider it quality time. Besides, I found the most perfect curtains for my living room. I have sloooowly been changing things over in there. These were my curtains before:
Hard to see in the picture, hard to appreciate in real life. They are brown, which matches nothing, because I prefer black. Satin, which is so not me, and plain. They were cheap, and they covered the window. But then I found these:
Can I just say love? They need hemming, but they are the perfect colors and they are so much more cheerful and eye-catching than the old ones. They make me happy.

After all our shopping we checked in to our hotel and did some swimming. After that we went to dinner, did a little more shopping (I know, I have a problem) and then came back and did some more swimming. It was a good thing we got all our swimming in the first day, because it was 90 degrees on Tuesday and only 65 on Wednesday morning. Typical Colorado weather!

We went to H&M and trolled the 16th Street Mall. I refrained from buying anything-aren't you proud of me? The kids thought it was fun to ride the trolley, and we all enjoyed some Starbucks-perfect for a slightly damp, chilly, summer morning. Here are my favorite people with their "coffee":

We thought it was hilarious that there was a Starbucks on every corner. There are at least 4 within 3/4 of a mile. And they are all busy! We weren't ashamed to add to the revenue stream.

We headed home, swung by the outlet mall, and finished out our shopping themed trip with a stop at Costco, where I found this:

May I just say that samples work? I don't like cheddar popcorn, but the caramel corn in there is worth the whole bag! Tasty stuff.

Anyway, it was delightful to get away with our little family. Joel won't get a true vacation this year, but it was nice to pretend. The kids thought swimming was the greatest-especially at night when we had the pool to ourselves. We decided we definitely need more fake-ends.;)


  1. The whole "fake-end" sounds like heaven! Just my kind of vacation, not a bunch of site seeing or plans. Just relaxing, shopping, and eating! So jealous...
    P.S. I LOVE your curtains! SO you:)

  2. How fun that you had the time to play. I love "weekends" like that! Everything's better during the middle of the week anyhow because it's far less crowded :)

  3. Very FUN! Love your finds & the Starbucks pics are cute.

  4. Very FUN! Love your finds & the Starbucks pics.



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