Sunday, April 10, 2011

To Carson, on His 3rd Birthday

Dear Carson,

What a year this has been! You have grown so much- and I am so glad that I got to be a part of all of it. I have always loved the age of two, and you reminded me of all the reasons why. You really made a name for yourself this year.

Your dad says that he can't believe how many people know you. Whenever he picks you up from Sunday School you swagger down the hall while everyone says hello. You love to pick out your own clothes- especially anything with "bu-tars" (guitars), drums or Star Wars on it. You tell me that you will do your own hair "with spikes", too, and you stand on the toilet to reach the sink so you can splash water all over your head and then you have to use gel, "like daddy does".

You mimic your dad all the time, and I just love it. Today, you insisted that he wear his Star Wars shirt to dinner so you would match. When you opened Daddy's gift to you, a new lightsaber, your face was what lit up. You love to watch, "Star Wars, Clone Wars" with your dad. Really, you just love to do anything with him. You love your "big daddy"- and he loves you.

You love your sister, too, although lately you call her your brother! You say, "C'mon, Jos" and are always happy to have her near- even if it is just to aggravate. But really you have realized how much fun she is to play with. You love sharing a room with her now that we live at your "new house". You like anything that is part of your routine- you get up every morning and the first thing you do is ask for breakfast- before you are even out of bed. You like to eat! And then almost every night after dinner you go upstairs, get on your own pajamas (really, just the pants- you haven't figured out the shirt, yet) and then ask to watch, "Scooby Batman". You also love to snuggle with me on the sofa- and I can't resist.

I love that you are such a big helper. You are always careful to put your clothes in the basket, and your dishes in the sink. You are pretty tidy for a little guy- I hope you stay that way! You want to help and are eager to learn. You want to do school with Josie, and often you pretend you can read. You already know the days of the week, how to count and all your colors. I didn't even really teach you, but you seem to pick up things so fast on your own.

You have already figured out that Jesus loves you. You love to listen to all the VBS cds, and never forget to pray at meals, or ask for your Bible story at night. You love being in "Miss Kelly's" class on Thursdays and I know she is teaching you to love the Bible and Jesus, too. Everyone in our family is.

You loved visiting Grammy's house recently. You are still asking for Luke. I hope he will always have a special place in your heart. Luke was the first two-year old boy that I learned to love, and sometimes you remind me of him. I won't mind if you grow up to be like him- he is pretty wonderful. You loved seeing your Aunt Robyn and Gillyan and Gideyon. You didn't forget any of the girls, either. You and Mark didn't always get along- sometimes that happens when you put two "babies" together, but I think it will only be a little while before you are good friends.

It will only be a little while before you are potty-trained, too! I am so proud of your motivation- you love wearing big boy "panties". It makes your dad crazy that you call them that, and I think it is hilarious! You decided at Grammy's that all the big boys use the potty, and you started, too. It will probably only be a couple more weeks before you are dry all the time. You like being a big boy- I think that is the only reason you could be convinced to give up your buddy. I think that was harder for me than you!

I am so thankful for you. You are my funny, charming, sassy little man. You remind me of your dad, which I love, and though you adore him, you always have time for me. You aren't a sissy- nope, definitely all boy, but you have a soft spot for your mom. You always give me a kiss at night and remind me to "sleep like a champ!". What would I do without you?

I would be missing a piece of me- and God knew that. He made you so amazing- and I am honored to have the privilege of raising you in the fear and knowledge of Him. I pray every day that He will make me worthy of that task. I want you to grow up to be a godly man. I am so proud of who you are, and I know that won't change. Happy Birthday, Carson. I love you.

Love, Mommy


  1. Oh I miss you guys so much! Carson was so much bigger and more talkative this time and he was a bundle of fun! He is so bright, and sassy. :) He is truly such a fun little boy and I love him so much!

  2. Your visit was wonderful, but much too short in my opinion :) I loved getting to spend time with all of you, and as usual, Carson and his manly voice cracked me up. Happy Birthday sweet boy. I sure do love you!

  3. "Where's the dog?" ha ha ha ha ha!

  4. 3?!?! Already?!?! =( Crazy how time flies.

    Happy Birthday to Carson!!

    ~ Jen

  5. You know I love your boy like my own. He truly does remind me of his dad who I have always had a soft spot for. Thank you so much for having him & sharing him with us. One day I will live close enough that I can spoil your kids all the time. You should have more!;) Love ya!



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