Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ladybug Baby Shower

I have had a couple of people ask me about how I do my banners. This is my fourth one, and I think they get better every time. The first part is thinking about how the banner will interact with the theme- namely, what is it about the theme that I want to say with the banner? For the "tiny" shower, I wanted it to be small. For the "farm"shower I wanted it to have barns. I need to post pictures of my Dad's 50th birthday party- it was a Flintstone's theme. That one was a little more tricky, but I wanted it to look Stone Age. This one was easy- ladybug theme- ladybugs on the banner! I always use the shower colors as my palette, that is a no-brainer. Next, I usually do a sketch like the one above. It is kind of a brain-dump, I figure out what I want to say, how many separate pieces I will need, and what I want to special pieces to look like. As you can see, I played around with the shapes of the pieces, and how I wanted the ladybugs to look. Ignore the numbers- I was re-using a piece of paper- I have to work while the inspiration is hot!

And the finished piece! I used pre-cut, peel and stick letters from Michael's. My sister suggested them for my dad's banner and they are WONDERFUL! It makes it look so much more put-together. I always do my special pieces first- in this case, the ladybugs. I wanted an oval, rather than round, shape. I realized I had a container that, fortunately for me, was the perfect size for my dollar store felt. This banner took: 2 packages of felt, (at mine I can get packs of red,white, black and green- perfect!) 1 roll of dollar store ribbon, 1 separate piece of yellow felt, black pom-poms, black pipe cleaners and two packs of pre-cut letters. The letters were definitely the most expensive part, they run around $6 a pack. However, Michael's takes competitors coupons, and I had a 40% off to use. That made them a little more reasonable, and also because they are so linear, it is easy to cut other letters to make the ones you need (for example, I lopped off the two tops lines of the "E" to make some extra "L"s.). I should have taken better photos, but the ladybugs have some great detail. Their spots are pom-poms, and the antennae are pipe-cleaners! I was really happy with how it turned out!
Not so happy with how this photo turned out, though. So blurry-ugh! I filled my vases with red carnations and they have little felt ladybugs on the front. My baby shower buddy, Sarah, handmade the scrapbook sheets for the guests to sign as gifts for the honorees ( it was a double shower- and one mom is having twins!). My friend Denise loaned us the adorable ladybug rainboots to add to the theme.

I decided to buy balloon sticks and I was really happy with how they turned out! Sarah did the tablecloth and the buckets. You can barely see the black and white pinwheel in the flower arrangements, but they were really cute.

Anyway, another shower that we pulled off in about a week! I really am considering going into business. Just kidding- there is no way Joel would let me! But it is really fun, and I know I will most likely be able to use my experience in the future.


  1. You can totally help decorate my next baby shower. =) Cute, cute!!

    ~ Jen

  2. SO very cute. You're becoming quite the party planner. Any ideas for Cory's 40th? I mean, besides the usual black "over the hill" stuff???

  3. Wow! So cute! How about you come and do a super fantastic 18th birthday for me in about a year and a half? Just puttin' the idea out there! :) You are super creative and your things are adorable!

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