Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Update

We had a fun (and busy!) weekend. On Friday, we met up with some friends who are moving to Cheyenne for a last hurrah. I am bummed that they won't be able to just drop in on a Sunday night anymore, but we are planning fun get-togethers in Denver, and since they still have family in the area, hopefully we will get to see them more than once a year! On Saturday, Jocelyn was invited to a special birthday party-it included a visit to the American Girl store in Denver and lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! My sweet sister, Lisa Dawn, loaned Jocelyn her Samantha doll so that she would have an American Girl to take to the store. My mom was terrific and made sure it got here on time! Jocelyn was thrilled to get an ice-skating outfit for Samantha. We are planning on getting Josie her own doll for her 6th birthday, so I was very glad to see how much she loved everything. She has been playing with it non-stop since Saturday!

Next up was lunch. Josie thought the little doll highchairs the Cheesecake Factory had were so neat. Is she not the prettiest little girl ever? Her manners were impeccable, and I was so proud of what a sweet, charming little conversationalist she is. She is such a blessing and getting to spend some special time with just her was wonderful. Then on Sunday we celebrated another baby shower! I already showed you the mobile, and her are some not-so-great photos of the rest of the decor:

Sarah and I worked together again, and we make a really great team! She brought adorable cow patterned balloons that I don't have a photo of, but they were tied into a great garland with twine. We brought lots of farm themed animals, books and puzzles to help set them scene.

You can't read it but since the baby's name is Jacob, I printed out part of Psalm 24 that talks about the "God of Jacob"- I thought that was fitting. The vases are Starbucks frappachino jars- don't they look little milk bottles? The felt farmhouse and pig were from the Dollar Spot at Target! Love that place....

A really bad photo of all the food. I also forgot to take a photo of the great vintage tractor and wagon the hostess provided for the tea. Too cute! Sarah wrapped the forks in napkins and tied them with twine.That is what is in the little pails. I think it is the little touches that make it special.

The cupcakes were a huge hit! Thanks again, Family Fun for the great instructions! I only changed a couple of things from the original instructions- I used Twizzlers "Nibs" for the pig nostrils (sounds gross to say that about cupcakes, doesn't it?) and I didn't want to have to buy three rolls of Mentos to pick out the pink ones (which is what Family Fun suggested) so I swapped them out for white ones. I threw those together in 1/2 hour on Sunday afternoon and I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I think the guests of honor were pleased with our efforts and I deemed it a success.
This week is pretty hectic, too. We are squeezing in VBS planning sessions, playdates and car repairs before we leave for Washington. I actually think that being at my parents' will be relaxing after this whirl of gaiety! Oh wait, we will be working on my Dad's birthday party...maybe I can relax in July.


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  2. Oh my goodness! Josie was so pretty and I'm glad you two had a great time!
    The baby shower was super cute! Especially the cupcakes! You are a fountain of talent!

  3. Wow! The shower is absolutely adorable. What a great team you two made. And yes, it IS the little details that make all the difference.

    Jocelyn is so precious. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Sounds like an Am. Girl b-day party was a huge hit!

  4. Clare,
    Doing the baby shower was so much fun! I agree with everyone, we should start a buisness together! I am glad you and Jocelyn could come celebrate Hannah's birthday with us!

  5. SUPER JOB!!

    You are such a thoughful person, it's not about expense & the shower looked AMAZING!!!



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