Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Review: "Mine is the Night"

When you think of the origins of the story of "Cinderella", the book of Ruth may not be your first thought. However, this lovely little book, buried within the Old Testament, is one of the greatest stories of all time. It has a terrific climax, lots of action and the hero gets the girl. What more could you want-not to mention it is all true?

I had no idea when I picked up Liz Curtis Higgs' latest Scottish historical romance that she is even more enamored of the story than I am. "Mine is the Night" is the story of Ruth placed in a Scottish setting in the mid 1700s. And it does that amazing story no disservice. I have long loved Higgs' effortless writing style; 400+ pages is not a daunting prospect when I know that she will keep the story flowing.

Elisabeth Kerr is the Ruth of the tale. She is a widowed outsider who has followed her mother-in-law, Majory, back to Majory's hometown. It may seem difficult to picture a seamstress in Scotland in the 18th century as Ruth, but the book is part history lesson, part Bible teaching and completely entertaining. Even though I "knew" how it ended from the beginning I was more than willing to see how Higgs' would bring it all together. I was not disappointed.

Of all of Higgs' historical Scottish novels, I liked this one the best. It is a sequel to "Here Burns My Candle", which I have not had the opportunity to read. But it is not necessary to understanding or enjoying this novel. I did not feel that I was missing anything. I felt that I could connect to all the characters based solely on the information presented in this book. I developed a quick and easy connection to each person, I immediately grasped what Higgs' was conveying about them and they seemed real and likable.

Part of the fun of her books is the use of historical details, such as clothing, behavior and settings. She is a master at preparing a stage and moving her characters along. Knowing the story of Ruth well only made me appreciate this book more, it in no way diminished the drama of the tale. In my humble opinion, this book is perfect for a history lover, a Bible student, a romance enthusiast-or just anyone who reads!

Disclosure:I was provided a complimentary review copy of the book by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers.

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  1. My mom likes her books, I haven't read one...but Spring Break is here & I'm up for extra -- non-school reading!!!

  2. Sounds fascinating. Maybe it's available for Kindle and I can download it once I finish reading, "Who Stole My Church?" by Gordon MacDonald.

  3. LOVE Liz.... AND her books!! Her and I were good friends a few years ago and have since lost touch. =( Still read and love her books though. Might have to pick this one up!!

    ~ Jen



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