Sunday, October 24, 2010

Purse Person

Just a short little thought for you. I have noticed that there is quite a number of women who carry Coach purses. I do not have a problem with Coaches, I do not even take issue with the price. It isn't something that I chose to spend my money on (I would much rather have a $100 pair of jeans- something that makes many people gasp!) but I do not think it is "wrong". I think that barring the price if it is something that will bring you long-term happiness then if you break it down, it is probably worth it to you. So you ask, why do I have a picture of a Vera Bradley(albeit a very tiny one!) at the top of my post?

Because it is something that makes me happy. My dear sister just sent me a Vera Bradley "Morgan" in Puccini- the same purse pictured above. She got it for a steal (although I think I owe her for it)and I love this purse. As a matter of fact, I already had the same one in a different pattern (Mod Floral Pink, in case you were wondering). I never feel that my Veras are inferior to $300+ Coach purses. Maybe I only paid $20 for mine (trust me, for a Vera, that is a great price!) but I don't think of it in terms of dollars. I think about how I use it, how I love the coordinating accessories, the fact that they are washable, and the cheerful patterns. I personally don't want a purse that "matches everything". I don't change my handbag with my outfit-I carry ones that make me happy.

And I am content with it. It is mine, I chose it, I handpicked it to serve my needs. I could have chosen a Coach, or a Dooney and Burke, a Burberry or even a simple one from Walmart. All of them would hold a wallet, keys and some chapstick. But I wanted this one- it made me happy. And you know what? I think that is how God feels about each of us. We are perfect for the purposes He selected. He could have chosen anyone in the world, but for the jobs that I do, He picked me. I may not be the most godly, the prettiest, the smartest, or the most expensive, but He knew what He wanted and, get this: I make Him happy! He rejoices over me, sings over me, and holds me in His arms. He is content with the way He made me.

I struggle with contentedness. I know that doesn't please the Lord. But I am conquering my jealousies and inadequacies with His help. I was thrilled to discover that when it comes to purses, I am happy with what I have. I don't crave someone else's bag, no matter the cost, or prestige, that accompanies it. I am thankful for what I have. I am also thankful that I serve a God who has a place for every handbag person who serves Him and He loves us each as if we were His only one. And He is content with us. I want to be content serving His purposes. I am content with what I have in the way of purses, at least, although I am now on the hunt for a Puccini wallet...


  1. As you know I am a Coach girl, my sister in law got my hooked! Although I do love Vera Bradley as well. I too struggle with being content, what a great post! Thanks for the lesson in purses!

  2. Not a huge Coach fan myself.... maybe someday though, who knows. But I DO love a good Dooney and Bourke. ;) I also love a good $100 pair of jeans. =) Your new purse is cute. Did you find your wallet yet?? If not, try Ebay...

    ~ Jen

  3. I love all the name brands you mentioned, however like you, I only indulge in Veras. I frequently get asked if I made my purse which totally annoys me. It's like 'hello? do you live in a cave?' :)

  4. You go! I agree with the connections you make too - God does delight in us. Very cool!

    P.S. I love your coordinating abilities with your Veras & accessories!



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