Saturday, June 19, 2010

10 Things About Me (by Request!)

My friend Jessica(her blog is here, nominated me to write 10 things about myself. Since I have been blogging for a while and have no sense of personal privacy (not to mention that I did 100 things earlier this year!) this may be difficult but I will try to be creative!

1. I have kept a journal of some sort of and on since I was 8. I have some really random things in those-especially the ones from junior high. Why was I so boy crazy? I can't even remember what some of those guys look like now!

2. I can sing the entire Canadian national anthem. I had to learn it in high school because the Key Club conference I was part of also had groups in Canada and as part of their opening each week we had to sing both the American and Canadian songs. Weird, huh?

3. I love the show "Billy the Exterminator". That guy is crazy! I think it is too funny that this goth, huge truck driving man uses only natural, organic pesticides. He knows everything about common (and uncommon, like alligators) household pests. If you have never watched it you should give it a try.

4. Joel gave me a "Topsy-Turvy Tomato Planter" for Mother's Day because every time I saw the infomercial I would say how much I loved tomatoes. I am currently trying to coax it to produce fruit in the backyard.

5. I am currently looking for a good Key Lime pie recipe. I have become obsessed with making one. Don't really know why, I am usually a chocolate girl.

6. I often buy costume jewelry first and then find clothes to match later. I love, love, love fake jewelry! I really want to be known as the girl with all the fun, matching jewelry.

7. I want to try kayaking. I have read about it in a couple of places recently and I think it sounds fun. Joel doesn't want to go with me, though, because he says he can't stand the thought of getting stuck in the boat upside down. I have tried to explain it doesn't have to be that kind of kayak but he is not convinced.

8. I really want to visit Alcatraz. I have always been fascinated with prisons-I know, really weird. I adore the Mythbusters "Escape from Alcatraz" episode and I think it would be cool to see such an iconic prison. Someday...

9. I like to play this goofy housecleaning game on TLC's website when I am really bored. It is pretty silly but somehow it is so mindless it is soothing.

10. I am planning to climb the Incline this summer. I figured if I am not in good enough shape after running a 10K then it was never going to happen. If any of my Colorado friends are interested in doing that, drop me an email and let's make plans!

There you have it. Hopefully, it wasn't all reruns.:) My life is just not that interesting...trying to turn a sow's ear into a purse.:) Anyway, I guess part of this game is nominating people to make there own lists so:

Rachel's Writings-You always make a good list, RD. I hope you can find a few minutes to entertain us.

The Frosting of Life-Ummm, you need to post, desperately. Here is your incentive.

Musings by Katy-You need to post even more badly than LD. And you are always hilarious! I am sure you will have time now that you are finished with school-yeah, right!

Lisa's Life Lessons-I may have lived with you for over 20 years but I always learn something new when you post stuff about yourself.

Anyone else? You know you are always welcome to post! Hopefully I will see lots of new things soon...


  1. I am sorry do I know you? Cause how could you NOT ask your list loving sister to make a list!! Consider yourself disowned and don't even try and make amends;)

  2. I'm with Robyn, what about me huh? Am I chopped liver or something??? This is unexceptable! I guess that I won't grace you with my list! ;) Just kidding! I played that game, I am very bad at it, I only got 72%clean eek! Love ya Kelly



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