Saturday, April 10, 2010

To Carson, On Your 2nd Birthday

Dear Carson,
I have realized since having you that every mother in the world is amazed at the swift passage of time as their child reaches each birthday milestone. I am no different. It is inconcievable to me that you have only been a part of our family for such a short time as two years. We just wouldn't be the same without you! My mom (Grammy) always said," A mom needs a boy." Until you came along, I did not know how true that was! You are such a tender, loving little guy, but all boy, too. You growl, and chase and grin wickedly. You love a dog, and a plane, and harassing your sister.

But I know that you have a sweet side, too. Today when you and Josie were roughhousing with your dad you pummeled him with your fists in an earnest attempt to rescue your sister. "Let go!" you demanded. It is your job to aggravate her, should anyone else attempt that (even me) they face your wrath.

And then tonight, you were so overjoyed with your very simple party. You didn't even notice your presents, you were so happy with the balloons scattered on the floor. And then, you discovered your big cookie. I served you and Josie and then you opened all your gifts. In the middle of trying your new things you stopped and got up and went over to the pan with the cookie in it. You carefully used the spatula to chop a hole in the center and lift a piece onto a plate. Then you marched over to me and said, "Cookie for mama." You were worried that I wouldn't get to enjoy your treat. I so pray that you will keep that sweet spirit and kindness towards others as you get older.

One of the most fun things this past year (or at least since July when he came home from deployment) is watching your adoration for your dad. He is truly your hero. Your eyes light up when he comes home. You mimic his every move in the cutest way, from putting gel in your hair to standing with your legs crossed while leaning against the doorframe. I pray that you will be a strong, gentle man like he is. You already seem to have his common sense- thank goodness for that!

He loves you so much, too. When you stay home with him on Thursday nights while Josie and I are at Awana, he really treasures your "guy time". Often I come home to find you either snuggling on the sofa or playing video games. I am glad that you two make such a great pair. He loves to "pound it" with your fists and then "blow it up" just like Josh taught you. You crack your dad up! I guess every dad needs a boy, too.

Anyway, I am so thankful to have you. I pray that you will grow in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord. You already make sure that we never forget to "Pray!" at mealtimes. You have such a zest for life, from the "sneaky horses and dumb cows" you discuss with your Aunt Robyn, to running to the mailbox every day, to pointing out every ball, dog (arf! arf!), and balloon you see. I love that you exhaust yourself and ask for "Wooly and Buddy" (blanket and pacifier) eagerly every night. I just love you. Happy Birthday, little guy.
Love, Mommy


  1. you've successfully made me want a boy :p

  2. I miss him so much. You made me cry a lot! I don't think I have ever cried so much over a blog post. When I think about how Josie is already turning 5 this year, I just want to cry more. My little tiny neice and newphew aren't so tiny any more. They are big, and that is very sad. I used to laugh when people said time flies. I now understand. Tell him I said happy birthday. Love you all much,

  3. I WANT a copy of that picture! So could you please email it me:) I do so love everything about that boy. I am always surprised by how passionately I care for your kids almost as if they were my own. Carson is so fun and I hope my move across the country doesn't keep me from getting to hang out with my favorite niece and nephew:(

  4. That boy is wonderful! He really is just the sweetest little thing. He is small, but so much like a real person. If you ever want to box him (or Josie) up and send them to me I would be elated! Happy belated birthday Carson!

  5. What a beautiful post! Carson is very blessed to have you and Joel for parents. He is everything you said about him. We do all love and miss him. Praying for him to have a year full of blessings. The years go fast so treasure all the moments. That is a very sweet picture of the little guy.

  6. What a precious letter. I love boys..... ;)

    ~ Jen



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