Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Road Rage and Regrets

So, Wednesday was one of those days that didn't go exactly like I wanted it to. Or at all like I wanted it to...Joel has been on profile for a while (for you non-military folk, that means he has had a special list of physical restricitions, due to his ankles) and because of that he was allowed to remain behind while the rest of his unit went to "the range" overnight. That was great, and I finally was able to plan my dentist appointment, which was almost 2 months overdue. They had a cancellation and could fit me in Wednesday afternoon. Well, I usually have nothing planned on Wednesdays but we also needed to renew our military ID cards.

Imagine the DMV...then remove 1/2 the chairs and increase the wait time by 30-60 minutes and you have the DEERS office (don't ask what that means, it isn't important, it just designates the place where you get ID cards). It is awful, horrible...I won't go on. Well, we thought we had planned enough time but obviously we were too optimistic. We arrived at the office around 12:30 pm and waited. And waited. And waited. Carson spent most of the time running around in circles until he fell over, repeatedly. Joel spent the time looking glum. And I spent the time looking at my watch. At 2:14 pm they finally called number 92-our number! Hallelujah!
But we weren't home free yet. After several jibs about my first name (thanks, Mom) and repeating herself to Joel (I think he went into his happy place and we couldn't coax him out) the clerk was done and we were finally finished at 2:32 pm. About 10 minutes after I should have left for my dentist's appointment. We raced home, and Josie and I had to switch cars because Joel needed Carson's carseat so he could take him to work.

Finally on the way-I should only have been about 5 minutes late by my calculations. Until I reached the school zone a scant two blocks from my house. The four way stop was jammed with traffic. I waited, all the other sides went. And went again. And again. What the heck?! I waited and finally threw the truck in park to see if there had been an accident. Oh, nope, just the car three vehicles in front of me. Waiting to turn into the school. The driveway in front of the school was jammed with cars and instead of turning the other way so the rest of the traffic could move the person was just waiting until the line of cars inched forward. NO!NO!NO! This should not be happening...I was livid, literally shaking with frustration and anger. It seemed that the world was conspiring to make me miss my dentist's appointment. I honked, I fussed, I fretted. This worked to no avail on the incomptent, excessively rude idiot in front of me. And those are my nice words! Finally the stupid person started moving. Twenty cars had piled up behind me and I was beyond consolation. So...I yelled at the crossing guard. Like some redneck teenager, I stuck my head out the window and screamed,"Someone needs to tell those parents to not block the stop sign! Traffic needs to be kept moving!" I don't think I have ever seen eyes as wide as the eyes of that crossing guard. I am certain that she thought I was certifiably crazy. I think at that moment I was.

Still shaking I made my way to the freeway entrance. Josie was chattering excitedly in the backseat. I think I had made her nervous, and she did not know what to make of her wild mother. She kept repeating the things I had said, "stupid driver", "what the heck?!" and other not-so-nice things. If at all possible I was more frustrated when I realized the street I had been planning on taking was completely backed up. I called my mom. After talking to my mom and Joel and the dentist's office (who said it was fine that I was running late) and yelling a little more I started to rejoin reality.Jocelyn was still muttering to herself and in an effort to calm her I tried to get her to talk to me. I told her I was sorry for yelling and she says, "Mom, you should just pray about it. Don't be mad at the lady, Jesus will take care of it."

That comment simultaneously made me feel better and worse. Better, because I knew it was something she had heard me say many times before. Worse, because even my 4 year-old knew how to fix my problem and I had chosen to ignore the obvious (and best) solution and in trying to solve my dilemma all by myself I had made it worse instead of better. So, because it is never to late for prayer, that is what we did. I apologized to the Lord (I may have prayed that He would give the crossing guard amnesia over the incident) and to Josie. I prayed for patience and thanked Him for the graciousness the dentist had shown concerning my tardiness. And I may have thanked Him that I was driving Joel's truck, because if I ever see that crossing guard again I will be in my car and she probably won't recognize me...

I especially thanked Him for Josie. I need someone to keep me in line and she does a pretty good job. I also prayed that next time I would listen to the Holy Spirit, Someone who refuses to try to yell above me. I was pretty humiliated upon reflection on my little escapade but hopefully I won't forget it anytime soon.


  1. We've all been there. We say or do something completely ridiculous and we instantly regret it. I can't count on both hands the number of times I've walked that road.

    The blessing is, He forgives. And He sends us sweet little reminders, like Josie, when we've taken leave of our senses and don't act like the mature adults we know we are!

    P.S. Cracked me up reading about Josie sitting in the backseat saying "stupid drivers." :)

  2. FUNNY! FUNNY! FUNNY! One should not read this after just applying mascara! I laughed so hard I cried, which of course, made my mascara run.

    Children truly are priceless treasures who really understand the heart of a loving, kind, tender, forgiving, gracious and merciful God and Father.

    Thanks for the laughter. Love You. PS: This just showed up on my blog on Feb. 8th, therefor I could not comment before now.

  3. Ah Josie! What a crack up! She is so smart and funny. My drama teacher always said that every day situations are sometimes the funniest. That is definitely the case here!

  4. I almost wet my pants i laughed so hard about this! I can't wait to see you! Tell Josie keep up the good work! I love you guys!! Keck



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