Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Whirlwind Trip (and Post!)

We are home again. After months of planning and preparing the not-quite-two-weeks that we were gone flew by. I am glad that we took the time to do something for ourselves. I am even more glad (and thankful!) that my sister agreed to watch our wild children! I really, really want to post a big ol' blog about our cruise and some pics but we are back in the crazy swing of things and I really don't have time for much more than a synopsis. We left here on Tuesday, the 15th. We arrived in TX after a mostly uneventful (albeit long) trip. We hung out with my sister for a few days and left for Louisiana on Friday the 18th. We stayed with some friends overnight (and got to see my brother) before heading to New Orleans on the 19th. There we got hideously lost in the French Quarter but still managed to make it to our ship in plenty of time. We spent a total of two part days, two whole days at sea and one day each in Progeso and Cozumel. I promise I will post more about that later. We returned to Texas on the 24th and I can say that I was delirious to see my kids. I missed them more than I thought possible! My sister took great care of them, though. We spent a few more days at her house- enough time to go to Ikea, my most favorite place in the world! Also enough time for me to lose my cell phone. That still makes me very grumpy to think about, but I tried to not let it taint the whole vacation. Anyway, we are home now. Back to PWOC, Awana, and everything else. It might be a while before I post again because Joel's dad is coming and we are having Carson dedicated. Hopefully, though, it won't take forever to post my photos 'cause there are some fun ones! By the way, I was very excited to change my background. Super cute, huh?


  1. Some of us would actually be quite interested in seeing your vacation photos....please post when time allows :) So glad you had a great time. You two deserve it!

  2. You should go away more often if I get to keep the kids;) I think we had more fun than you and Joel! Also I love the background, nuts is so appropriate;)

  3. Dang!! I was hoping for some vaca/cruise pics!! =) I've been checking for days!! Guess I'll just have to keep checking back!! Glad y'all had fun and were able to get away!! =)

    ~ Jen



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