Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 For 9/9/09

I thought it was so cool that today is 9/9/09 that I wanted to post something. I am feeling very ready to get our vacation started... but there is still plenty to be thankful for in the meantime! So, today in honor of the date, 9 things I am thankful for:

1. That all the berry juice came out of our clothes! I made funnel cake fries with fresh berry dipping sauce and while they were a hit with the kids I was more than a little worried that the deep purple raspberry, blueberry, blackberry sauce might never come out of our clothes. Thanks, Shout Dual Power!

2. That I found shoes to match my formal for $10! And I think there is good chance that I might be able to potentially wear them again so that is a double bonus.

3. Joel painted the chest in Carson's room! It has been on my to-do list for the last... forever. It now makes all his furniture coordinate (except his crib but due to his climbing abilities I have a feeling we will be swapping that out for the white toddler bed sooner rather than later!).

4. My mom sent Jocelyn's reading book! We will begin the journey of learning to read right after we get home from vacation. I am a little nervous, but mostly excited, about this new adventure. I think I will be even more proud than when she was potty-trained!

5. I found a fabulous dress for our cruise for-$6- can you believe it? It retailed for over $60 and I think I will look very Jackie-O in it. I love that decade's styles!

6. I have already bought the kids' Halloween costumes. They are going to be adorable! I hate waiting until the last minute to get that kind of stuff so I am happy to have it all done. And the best part of all- they will match! I will post pics after the fall festival in October...

7. I cleaned my hall closet this week. It is so organized- and has so much room! Definitely a fantastic return on my minimal time investment- 1/2 hour of work for a whole lot of happy.

8. I am thankful Joel and I have found a video game we can enjoy together! He loves to game and I usually just watch- not as fun as it sounds!:) We love jamming out together with Rock Band. I can even play on medium pretty proficiently now. Not too bad for two weeks of practice!

9. I am thankful we are leaving to sail the ocean blue in less than a week! Now if only the packing fairies would hurry up and get here....


  1. Wow! As always you seem to have a lot going on. Enjoyed your list of 9 tho. What a blessing it must be to have Joel there to partake in the smallest yet meaningful duties.

    Yay for vacation coming soon! We expect good stories and pictures my dear ;o)

  2. Mmmmmm......FUNNEL CAKE!!!! :) So, the Shout Dual Action is worth trying huh? I'm always the last to get on the boat with new products. I see the ads for them on TV, but I never actually buy them. I could use a serious stain-remover.

  3. I can't live without my Spray-N-Wash Dual Power (sorry! got the name wrong, bad product intro!)- my sister introduced me to it and it gets out almost everything (except week-old chocolate milk and grease stains! yes, that is personal experience speaking.)Whatever it won't get it I use Shout Advanced for, it works miracles on crayons and other grease stains. I don't use anything else! I go through a about a bottle a week of the Spray-N-Wash because I love it so much. Can you have a stain removal addiction?:)

  4. OK, so it's Spray n Wash Dual Power and Shout Advanced. Must. Go. Shopping!!! Need. Stain. Remover!!! :) Robyn's always trying new things. She's like your mom, she knows about it before it's even available for sale. I'm always the last to know!!!

  5. Sounds like I need a recipe for funnel cake fries. (sounds like you should have had me over.....) ;)

    LOVE shopping for cruises. Can't wait to see the pics!!

    I am SO not good at Rock Band..... Greg beats me every time. ;)

    ~ Jen

  6. Clare I hope you are LOVING your vacation! I hope to see you soon, I've missed you :0), MUCHO.



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