Friday, August 21, 2009

The Start of Something...Normal

Not much to post about lately, life has been busy but I don't think anyone is really that interested in hearing about marking my kids' clothes for the JBF sale (by the way, if anyone remembers that far back, I started blogging at this same time last year and actually did post about that!) or the latest PWOC board meeting or the latest thing I have thrown out in my quest to rid my house of all clutter (going, but not great). However, life has just been, well, normal. To some, that might translate as: boring, dull, unexciting. To me it is exactly what I have been waiting for since last September.

Yesterday evening we had dinner, took the kids out to swing and then came inside and had tasty brownies. We watched reruns of "Ace of Cakes" and "Iron Chef America" and brushed teeth and went to bed. It was marvelous, every minute. I know that most of us are smart enough to enjoy a night like that. But for me it almost seems like a miracle. To have all of us together, to not be trying to force something out of every minute because we only have a few weeks, or a few days, is just so wonderful. I don't ever feel like I have taken time as a family for granted. I know that we are just as likely to be apart as together. But sometimes you get so used to not having something that when it comes along you don't even know how to behave. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am so used to crazy that now that calm is slowly returning I don't know quite what to expect. But I am willing to try...


  1. There's definitely something to be said for 'normal.' It can flee as quickly as it arrives. Hope things remain 'boring' for a while - it's kinda fun isn't it?! :)

  2. So does that mean my life is about to get crazy, and that I should enjoy every minute of calm I can get?? =)

    ~ Jen



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