Thursday, June 18, 2009

Help with the Bill...

I have to say that my life has been crazy busy, but not really anything too blog worthy. I am still too close to VBS (I just have to make it through tomorrow, yay!) to post on that just yet. Today,though, Carson did something I thought was so cute.

I believe that I have blogged before about how much we love the Schwan's man but I didn't realize it trickled down to our smallest family member. Carson and I were playing in the living room today when the big, yellow truck pulled up. I got up but Carson beat me to the door. As soon as I opened it he greeted Don (yep, I know him by name, no apologies!) with a hearty "Hey-Dough!" and immediately tried to offer him the dollhouse person he had been playing with. "Herego" is Carson's sharing phrase. Don politely declined and Carson decided if Don didn't want the toy then maybe he wanted to hold Carson instead. I rescued the Schwan's man by giving him my order and he left to go fill it.

Carson was highly displeased so I took him with me to get my debit card. He loves anything from my purse mostly because he isn't supposed to be in there (which makes it all the more exciting) so he took it eagerly. As soon as I put him down, he raced towards the window and started banging it towards the truck and yelling, "Herego, Herego!". As soon as Don came back with our items Carson handed it right to him with a proud "Herego!". It was so cute. I guess they really do pick up things fast, although I didn't realize I had trained him in the use of plastic. I guess that is what I get for never having cash. I will be glad to let Carson pick up the tab from now on!


  1. Awww I can just hear the "Herego!" haha

  2. I love that little man! I can't wait till he can hand me things and say "herego" I am sure I will smiling accept anything he gives me:)Not much longer, only about a week~

  3. Cute! =) Someday I'll have fun stories to tell like that too!!

    ~ Jen

  4. That is so adorable. I love it that he knows the Schwann's man. He's just such a friendly little guy. I hope he lets us love on him when you're here for VBS :)



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