Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Excitement on an Endless Loop

Jocelyn has a new favorite movie. "Favorite" is not a word I use lightly. She would watch it from dawn until dusk. Anytime she gets to watch tv she wants to watch "Space Buddies". Definitely a cinematic masterpiece! I'm not really sure what she sees in it but I do know that there is a part when the "Buddies" (5 Lab puppies) have to pilot a rocket ship back to Earth. (Please, do not ask me how they got to space in the first place. See the above sarcastic comments to deduce my feelings on this movie.)All I know is that the first time it got to that part I hear vigorous pounding on the floor, squeaking and Josie yelling, "They did it, the puppies did it!". Later, she comes back downstairs and says, "Mom, the puppies did it! They got back to Earth! Yay!!"

So, that was the first time she watched the movie. Then the same thing the next time, and the next. No matter how many times she watches it, it never gets old. Her level of excitement remains the same. Always, the screaming, and the jumping up and down (on MY bed!). She loves that movie and she doesn't get tired of seeing it repeatedly. She rejoices in the success of the imaginary dogs as much as if the story was unfolding in real life (maybe more!).

I love that she loves it. I love that her enthusaism is not dampened by knowledge of what is to come. I hope that she will feel that way about Jesus someday. That His story will never get old. That is pretty much how I feel. No matter how many times I read it, there is always something to rejoice over. There is always something new to learn. I want to help her I can't say that I jump up and down, but maybe I should start!:)


  1. My children also think that movie is enthralling. There favorite loop movie is Home Alone and I never tire of hearing them squeal in glee over the funny parts.

    I hope we are setting good examples of how in enthralling Christ can be. I love that my kids sing christian alternative music, hopefully they won't ever think it's not cool. I just know right now they hear me belt out my praise and think that it looks fun!

  2. So, at what point do we tire of the same old movies over and over? Kids are amazing in their own little way aren't they?



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