Friday, April 15, 2016

So Much S'more Kit (Easy Thank-You Gift)

    This is probably one of the cutest thank-you gifts that I have ever put together. I was searching for a thank-you for my kids' Awana leaders last year and I needed a gift that would work for both males and females. It is shockingly difficult to find something suitable to give guys that doesn't cost a fortune! Well, thanks to the help of my sister, Katy, I put together these fabulous "So Much S'more Kits" and I couldn't have been happier!

   These truly are so much more than just a typical marshmallow-graham cracker-chocolate gift. I included a variety of crackers, 'mallows and candy, plus some fun extras (Nutella and peanut butter!) so your recipient can get wild and crazy with their combinations! The packaging really makes the whole thing-everything is cuter in a Mason jar, amiright?

  This might seem like a dizzying array of ingredients, but I was putting together six jars, so nothing went to waste! Here's what I purchased, but you can mix it up however you like.

-graham crackers (I chose the "Fresh Stacks" because there are six individually wrapped stacks in each box, so I didn't need to re-package the grahams, and they are the perfect size for s'mores!)
-Ritz "Big" crackers (These are so fun, they are approximately the same size as a graham square so much better for s'mores)
-Chunky Chips Ahoy cookies, because obviously, I believe you can never have too much sugar!

-Hershey's milk chocolate, can't go wrong with a classic
-Hershey's Cookies & Cream
-Milky Way Simply Caramel (I though the caramel would be a nice addition)
-3 Musketeers

-Jet-Puffed Caramel Swirl (My favorite!)
-Jet-Puffed Brownie, these are flat, so they're perfect for s'mores
-Jet-Puffed S'moreMallows These are giant, and square, and so.perfect.for.s'mores

-Nutella, in individual cups
-Jif To-Go cups

And, of course, don't forget your clean Mason jars!

You know I can't leave well-enough alone, so I had to pretty things up a little. I cut a strip of scrapbook paper to wrap around the graham cracker stacks, so they didn't look so plain.

  I purchased tiny zip-top bags in the candy section of Hobby Lobby so I could divide up the marshmallows, and cookies. I bought straight-top cellophane bags for the Ritz, as they did not fit in the zip-top ones. I closed those with tape. Each jar fit six pieces of candy, so I just mixed and matched to use what I had evenly.

Buy a careful process of trial and error, I discovered the best way to pack the jars, if you are using the same items. First, I put the graham stack in, and placed the Ritz on one side. I then put both Hershey's bars vertically side-by-side, on the other side. Then I stacked the 3 Musketeers/Milky Ways on the third side.

I did a second layer with the marshmallows. It's pretty easy to see how I put them in there, just start with the S'moresMallows first, as they are the biggest.

Then the cookies fit perfectly on top. Simply close with the lid, I covered my lid with a circle of scrapbook paper to make it cuter before I put on the ring. There is no need to do anything more than stick a glue dot on it to center it as the ring will keep it in place. You are probably wondering: where are the toppings?

I realized they wouldn't fit in the jar, but I was loathe to not include them with the gift. So I came up with a solution. I wrapped them together with more scrapbook paper and placed them on top of the gift!

  You can see how I wrapped them better in this photo. You can also see the *cute* scrapbook paper I found at Hobby Lobby that set my color scheme-love that it even says, "S'mores" right on it! I tied the jars with coordinating ribbon, and used my two and half inch circle punch to cut out a backer for my label. I then cut out the label with a two-inch punch. I cut the label for the toppings with a one-and-a-half inch punch. You could definitely attach the tag more simply, just punch a hole in it and tie it on with ribbon. If you don't include the peanut butter and Nutella or something similar, you can skip the other label all together.

   It would be easy to use these labels on simple kits with just grahams, chocolate and ordinary marshmallows, but everyone loved all the options-even if they did just plan on eating them straight from the jar!

Get the "Thank You" Printable.

Get the "So Much S'More Kit" Printable.

I'm trying out a new way to allow you to access printables. Please let me know if you experience any problems!

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