Monday, November 24, 2014

To Jocelyn, On Your 9th Birthday

Dear Jocelyn,
           Today, you are nine. And, as you are delighting to tell everyone, it is your "last year in single digits". I'm in no hurry for double-digits, and honestly, I don't think you are, either. I'm glad, too. You are really finding your way, and you haven't lost your joy and zest for life. Everyone always loves to be around you because you are just so happy!

     Don't get me wrong, you have had some blue times. Our move from Colorado this year has been pretty tough on you. You had lots of great friends there, and you especially miss our old church. Sometimes it doesn't seem like it was worth it. But, you have already made so many good memories here, and you asked a lot of great questions about why we thought it was God's will, and I think you are really starting to understand that.

   You are so interested in learning and sharing about God. You were so excited to invite everyone in the apartment complex to VBS, and you could not have been more delighted when the neighbor boy came as your friend to Awana. You love the Lord so much, and you just want to tell everyone about Jesus. You fought your way through the Awana silver AND gold review in T & T, and you made it-it was tough! I am so proud of how you are hiding God's Word in your heart-and also sharing it through your words and life.

    You have matured so much, and it makes me so proud of who you are becoming. School has really been fun this year. You love history and reading, and you attack your subjects and get them done. It is all clicking! You have loved experimenting at co-op and have taken all kinds of things: acting, DIY & problem-solving, science, secret codes...and you are starting to make new friends, even if it doesn't feel that way.

   And the crafting...where do I start? Everything is a creative challenge in your see a project everywhere! You created an entire nativity out of *trash* during service one Sunday. It cracked me up! Crayons, paint, glue, sewing, taping...and scissors...

   Can I not mention how you sliced your hand two days ago while "creating" and needed FOUR stitches in your pinky finger?! But you took it in a stride, even smiling and joking with the doctor while the anesthesia was injected. You cried some, but you were so brave. And now you are happy to display your "cat's whiskers" for all to see. You don't let much get you down!

    In all, you have had quite the year. You learned how to swim, you stayed a week at Grams', you have become great friends with cousin Autumn, you are learning cursive, you are typing, you are reading so much, you sold all the baked goods at the youth yard sale, loved on Billy and George and you have endeared everyone to you with your cheerfulness and happy smile. And you made me love you even more than I thought was possible.

    So here's to another wonderful year: of learning, of loving, and as always with you, laughing. May you grow to love Jesus even more (if that's possible) and continue to spread your Josie-happiness everywhere you go. I love you so much.

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