Sunday, July 13, 2014

31 Day Bible Reading Guide to Jude

  So, here it is! Finally finished, of course, at the last minute! But did you expect anything else? The beauty of this particular guide is, that if you haven't started it yet, it isn't too late to catch up. You can double up on the days for the remainder of the month, or you can use it for August, which also has 31 days! You would simply switch the dates to match up to the Saturday/Sunday review and reflect days.

    I ended up needing a few "extra" days, so to solve that I added in one Saturday reading day, and also combined two of the Jude verses. I really got carried away at the end of the month with verse selections, but don't be overwhelmed. If you are really crunched for time and can't page through your whole Bible, simply choose one or two of the passages. Or just read the Jude and 2 Peter verses! However you choose to use it, you will be blessed for your commitment to spending any amount of time in the Word.

 Just to make it easier, I am putting both printable pages in this post, but if this is your first visit, be sure to look up the original "Jude in July" post for some great background into the book and more on why I chose it! Finishing this reading plan only increased my love for Jude and the incredible harmony of the Bible. I still can't get over how closely it compares to 2 Peter.

   I am praying that you find this drawing you closer to the Lord and increasing your love for His Word!

Right click on each image (each page is separate) to save. Click print from saved location.

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  1. I'll have to do this one next month, right now I am enjoying the Ephesians one you did! Thanks so much for doing these!



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