Thursday, January 14, 2010


I live on post. We have lived in military housing twice during Joel's career and at least three times (WA, MD and CO) during my childhood my parents' chose on-base living arrangements. So, I feel confident in stating that I know the realities of living in a house owned by the government. I know the pros: maintenance (they just came today to patch my ceiling and fix my roof), security (well, most of the time), the cameraderie of fellow military families, and the convenience of being so close to Joel's work, the hospital and the commissary. However, even though I obviously feel the pros are greater (I do live here after all), there are definitely some negatives. I have NO storage space-why do you think I sell everything? I hate the ugly carpet we have. And, worst of all, we have one lone bathroom-upstairs! I can often hear my neighbors' children crying and our windows are drafty. I have to say honestly, that most of the pros of this house are the things I can find at any post or things I can take with me.

I was thinking about that today. I realized that if I moved I would not really miss this house. I would perhaps miss the memories, or the surrounding area, but I would not miss this physical address. Then I had a thought. What if that is the point? What if they make post housing so bland and slightly unlikeable so that when you get orders somewhere else you don't mind quite so much? They don't want you to get too attached-they know you will already be sad leaving your friends behind or whatnot, so they make it a little uncomfortable so it doesn't compound the goodbyes.
Seriously, I doubt they put that much thought into it. Our house was built in the
'40s-times and housing needs have changed. Also, these houses are built to withstand constantly changing occupants who often don't give a fig about property they don't own. And of course, I am sure the overarching requirement is that they be as profitable as possible. But just maybe, someone, somewhere along the line, realized that if we don't love something, if it isn't quite perfect, then we don't get so attached.

Maybe that is life. Did you ever think that perhaps it isn't perfect because it is just a dim reflection? Maybe it isn't everything we wanted it to be so that we won't want to stay so long. This isn't our home, we are strangers with continual orders to new posts. We are only here for a little while, perhaps it is better if we don't get too attached. The Lord is so gracious to give us continual reasons to remember that this isn't a permanent assignment.If we get too settled, we won't want to leave. Mostly because our retirement will come sooner or later for all of us and the Home we have waiting is the real life that we cannot ever comprehend in this one. Because Home is where my heart is-and my heart is not really here.:)


  1. First off: Your blog is SO pretty!! I wish I had more blog initiative, but I guess you have to be better at something;)
    2nd: I LOVE my post house, I have already cried about leaving it several times this month. I love my laundry room, storage area, big bedrooms, and HUGE kitchen. In fact the only thing I don't like is the hard cold linoleum floors. But I might even miss those if I had gross carpet. I guess for once I am playing the Pollyanna game. Probably because now that I have my new "shoebox" lined up to move in to I am more appreciative of what I have. But I did like the overall moral of the story:)

  2. Clare, you are very good at drawing comparisons and this is no exception. This world is not our home and when we're called to move on to greener pastures, I cannot wait to pay the water bill :)

  3. Clare,
    I have seen your blog a few times, but this is my fisrt time with a comment! Anyway, we are not military, and I have never been military, so I can't really comment on the post housing. But I think your house is cute! One thing I have learned, and Adam tells me all the time is, to be content with what we have! It could be a lot worse!
    We have really enjoyed becoming friends with you guys, and we don't even want to think about the fact that you guys will be leaving!


  4. 2 posts in one day!! WOW, you really are quite the super-mom!! =) I am struggling just to make time for myself AND adjust to my new way of life. ;) Maybe someday I can be like you. =)

    ~ Jen

  5. Hey Lara,
    I always liked the once base house we lived in too. I haven't really lived in it much, but you and Robyn's houses are the cutest. I really enjoyed your house when I came. I love ya, hope to see you soon. Kelly



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