Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So, ever since I discovered the "bloggy" tradition of having a special "100 things about me" as your 100th blog post I have been somewhat looking forward to it. I say somewhat because there probably isn't 100 things you want to (or already didn't) know about me. However, 100 posts is a big milestone. I had hoped to reach it by the end of November, but due to our family emergency it didn't work out. So, (drumroll please)here it is:

1. Least favorite chore: dishes.
2. Most favorite chore: bathrooms.
3. I have read the Bible through at least 5 times
4. My favorite Christmas carol is "The Carol of the Bells" especially Trans-Siberian Orchestra's version
5. I re-read "The Long Winter" by Laura Ingalls Wilder almost every winter because my mom always loved it and she said it made her feel thankful. I find it does the same for me!
6. I like to fold laundry
7. but I hate putting it away.
8. I hate hot tea and will not drink it!
9. I have a coffee pot and filters in my house but no coffee. We don't drink at it home so I only have it for company.
10. I have one of those little decorative flag-posts and I love changing the flag every month.
11. I have never owned a bottle of perfume.
12. I would rather read a book than watch television.(And I love television!)
13. I love that Carson says "bebes" like he is French, instead of "babies".
14. I prefer summer over winter
15. but I prefer winter clothes over summer clothes.Too much exposed skin!
16. If I had my druthers I would never leave the house without a necklace-I love costume jewelry.
17. I almost never take a gift to a child's party in a bag.I always use gift wrap because the kids like it so much better.
18. I hate taking a bath!
19. Literally, the last time I took a bath was when I was 16 and sick. Only showers for me.
20. I love a box of candy. I like to take a bite out of a bunch of different pieces and then put them back in the box.:)
21. I love being at home with my kids and I cry if I think about what it would be like to be apart from them every day.
22. I hate uneven numbers. It really bugs me that my birthday is on the 11th.
23. That is also why I was married on the 22nd.
24. I love wearing a scarf and gloves.
25. I always have gloves in my coat pocket.
26. I like lip gloss but I hate lipstick. I wore lip gloss in my wedding.
27. Clothes are my preferred gift. I like to give them, I love to recieve them.
28. Or a gift card.
29. My favorite toy growing up was my dollhouse. That is probably why Jocelyn has 4.
30. If I had a choice between going to the beach or a museum I would pick the museum. Every time!
31. I have always wanted to live in one of the pretend houses in Ikea. You know, the really little ones? I think it would be fun!
32. I don't like crackers. Especially not in my soup.
33. I rarely read a book or watch a movie twice. I have to love it to be willing to read it or see it again.
34. I usually like a black and white photo (or sepia) better than a colored one.
35. I have always wanted to celebrate Hanukah. I love the tradition (and the colors)!
36. I always wanted to marry a taller man. And I did!
37.I would rather have tile, hardwood or even cement than carpet.
38. I have never been able to get past level two of Super Mario Brothers.
39.I like pens with caps better than ones that click.
40. I have a clock in literally every room of my home (some have as many as three!) and I am still late!
41. I prefer reuseable bags over plastic ones. I even take my own bag to Kohl's.
42. All of my shirts are hung by color, sleeve length and whether or not they have a collar.
43. I make amazing Rice Krispy treats.
44. I have never broken any bones.
45. I have only stayed overnight in the hospital for the birth of my children.
46. When I was younger I was going to name my kids Olivia and Octavius. I only like one of those names now...guess which one?
47. My favorite band of all time is the Newsboys.
48. My favorite group for right now is Relient K.
49. I have never taken a formal exercise class.
50. I have never been a member of a gym.
51. All my curtains are valances, I don't have any drapes.
52. I keep my wedding dress under my bed.
53. I hate chocolate with fruit.
54. If you wanted to torture me you could feed me chocolate covered cherries.
55. I hate a movie with a sad ending. I won't watch most of them and the ones I do I don't like!
56. I think all hot chocolate should include marshmallows.
57. I have never dyed my hair.
58. I think I have the best kids in the whole world.
59. My favorite photos of Joel and me are the kissing ones.:)
60. I don't do Santa decor.
61. I wish my birthday was in the summer.
62. Because I always wanted to have a pool party.
63. Which is weird because I don't swim!
64. One of my most treasured possessions is an old, beat-up lunch box my grandpa used.
65. I cried when they changed Herbal Essences shampoo. I used the green one for years.
66. My favorite thing to do at the zoo is feed the giraffes.
67. I want a pond.
68. I always wanted my eyes to be brown when I was growing up.
69. Now, I think it is really cool that my kids have blue eyes.
70. I've never had crutches.
71. Probably, in part, because I have never broken a bone.
72. I always choose chocolate over vanilla.
73. My favorite "eat-out" dessert is the Maple Nut Blondie at Applebee's,
74. I always said I would have white lights on my Christmas tree when I grew up.
75. Now I have colored ones because my husband and kids like them better.
76. I am fascinated by mummies.
77. And I found out this summer, also by cemeteries.
78. One of the highlights of my trip was seeing the crypts in New Orleans
79. and visiting a cemetery in Mexico.Does that make me macabre?
80. I have read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories.
81. I love to people-watch with Joel.
82. Actually, I like to do pretty much anything (or nothing) with him!
83. I have never had acrylic nails applied professionally.
84. I love a pedicure
85. and a massage!
86. My sister did my hair for my wedding.
87. I do all my own mending.
88. I am not afraid of mice. I don't like them, but I am not afraid of them.
89. I play pretty mean bass on "Rock Band".
90. I never light candles.
91. I hate the post office and avoid it at all costs.
92. I hate getting up before 7:00 am.
93. I prefer to be in bed no later than 10:30 pm.
94. I like my sleep!
95. Mexican food is my favorite
96. unless I am having a steak, salad and baked potato
97. or a big burger and fries!
98. I hate things with missing pieces: puzzles, toys, anything!
99. My life verse is Jeremiah 29:11.
100. I hope I never have to write 100 things about myself again!

If you have read all of these you deserve a medal! Or a nice, long nap from being bored to death...:)


  1. I thought it was funny that you said you always prefer chocolate, but then you said your favorite dessert is a blondie:o)

    Your new background is very cute.

    I enjoyed reading your 100 things.

  2. I was amazed at how many things we have in common. And how many we don't. The blondie at Applebees is divine, I'd have to agree.

    I just noticed the other day that I've written just over 150 posts and I was upset that I didn't document either one. MAYBE when I get to 200, but that's only if I remember.

    Love and miss you. Wish you were closer. Give hugs to my bebes :)

  3. Lara yeah for 100th post! You really should write a book, even if it is just for me as a special "your my favorite sister" present:). I loved that out of 100 things I new at least 90 of those things about you. You are SO special in SO many ways that 100 things isn't even enough to talk about you. And trust me nothing you write about is ever boring. Love~Me

  4. I don't know if I ever did a 100th blog post.... or even if I have gotten my number up there yet. Either way, it was fun remembering things about you AND learning new things. Thanks for sharing!! ;)

    ~ Jen



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