Thursday, November 12, 2009

Musings on Motherhood

Being the mom sometimes is not the most fun when:

-you are the only one to replace the toilet paper.
-you are scraping tooth paste off the shower curtain
-you fold a whole load of laundry, leave the room for two seconds, and return to it all on the floor
-you find a cup of "chunky" milk
-you are the only one who can hear a child crying between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am
-you never get to eat anything that is not room temperature
-"relaxing" is trying to watch tv, talk on the phone, and surf the 'net while waiting for a load of laundry to dry
-cracking a book equates to a siren song, drawing your kids to you from wherever they are at

"Somedays peanuts, somedays shells", my grandmother says. Today was sort of a shell day. Sometimes I wish that I had the money to pay someone to take on all the not fun parts of motherhood. Like turning the socks right side out before washing them. Or pouring the water out of the clean sippy cups from the dishwasher (doesn't matter how I load them, they still turn upside down and fill with water). Or reassembling the fruit puzzle for the 5,283rd time-today! However, I must say-before all of you comment (okay, I wish!) with silly cliches such as, "you will be sad when they are bigger", that I do love my kids. More than life. Sometimes, though like tonight, I must say that I will not be sorry when I no longer am forced to eat cold spaghetti. I just think that no mom of older kids, or grown ones, ever says to herself, "Boy, I really miss pulling Polly Pocket shoes out of my vacuum cleaner..." People who say things like that need a dose of reality...or an opportunity to scrape Pop-Tart off their carpet.I will miss the hugs, the kisses, the adorable stick figure drawings, the funny faces and cute sayings. But I won't miss cleaning gum out of my trash can...


  1. I love that you used one of my mom's quotes. Today was a 'shell' day because I spent the night throwing up - but tomorrow is going to be a 'nut' day I just know it.

    I can completely empathize with all the little things your kiddos do - mine are the same. And will I miss it when they're grown? Of course not.....I'll just revel in my grandchildren doing it all over again :)

  2. Can't wait to be there someday.... soon. ;)

    ~ Jen

  3. Just wait! None of that rivals teenagers driving! I am still pulling strange, funky things out of their pockets and the dryer and they are 6, 10,13, etc. well you know. I do love all of you and when the teenagers are crying over things I can't take care of or control at all, I wish for the simple putting together of puzzles and picking up the toys, those things I can handle, but now I have the advantage of comparing the two while you do not. You will. Love you



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